Friday, November 20, 2009

Special Thanks to Kirsten and Her AMAZING Friends!!

I wanted to say a special thank you to Kirsten. I have no idea what the email said that she sent out to her friends and then they passed along to their friends, but I have never been treated so warmly by complete strangers. We met Kirsten and Joe, her husband, about 12 years ago at Victory Life Church in Durant, OK. They were a fun, friendly couple. We were expecting ..her first child and my second at the same fact our babies were due on the same day! (We didn't have them on the same day.) Anyway, they moved and we moved, we lost contact with one another, and then later reconnected through Facebook. Kirsten kept up through the internet with what we were going through, and told me that she knew many people in the Tulsa area. Before we left for Tulsa, we started receiving cards of encouragement with money from complete strangers!! Once we got to Tulsa, we had more meals than I can count from ...again, complete strangers!! Homemade meals...delicious home baked goods!! We also had...babysitters, hand me down clothes, and offers to take our kids to movies, pizza, etc. It was AMAZING!! This is the body of Christ! This is how the church should operate. I will NEVER forget this time in my life and I most assuredly will never forget the love of God shown to us through strangers!!! God bless you all!!


  1. I am SO glad that you were blessed by your time in Tulsa....

  2. Thank you for sharing stories like this. It's encouraging and moving to see the Lord moving and glorifying his name as he brings your family through this journey of life. Deborah